Multipurpose sports door bar

220.00 EGP

electric coal lighter

230.00 EGP

furniture mover and holder

115.00 EGP

LED desk lamp with movable arm

100.00 EGP

electric water pump

100.00 EGP

Kitchen scale 10 kg

200.00 EGP

Belly belt corset after childbirth

250.00 EGP

electric foot scrubber

135.00 EGP

kitchen knife sharpener

65.00 EGP

Leather card wallet and cards

75.00 EGP

Fishing game for kids

145.00 EGP

sonai blender MAR-2500

650.00 EGP

mouse and rat glue traps

15.00 EGP

car cup holder

60.00 EGP

water proof cross body bag for men

185.00 EGP

Thermal stainless steel holder for grills

20.00 EGP

Magical disco star master

120.00 EGP

Waffle and sandwich making machine

320.00 EGP

Manual Burger Press

35.00 EGP

Electric engraving pen on metal and wood

60.00 EGP

hair trimmer VGR V-085 for men

300.00 EGP

Realme TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphone

375.00 EGP

Moder for men Hair dryer

130.00 EGP

Manicure Pedicure Set Nail Care 19 PCs

120.00 EGP

Portable folding fan

225.00 EGP

digital weighing scale

200.00 EGP

Ultrasonic rat and insect repellent

110.00 EGP

waterproof kitchen apron

50.00 EGP

Modelling Electric Comb for Beard

160.00 EGP

Revolving rose shaped nuts plate

100.00 EGP