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Soft Tape Measure Sewing Tailor Ruler

10.00 EGP

Retractable measure metric Rule Tape 5Metres

30.00 EGP

Snap’N Grip Key

70.00 EGP

Electric engraving pen on metal and wood

60.00 EGP

Tiger screwdriver 48 in 1

115.00 EGP

Emergency lights and special missions

115.00 EGP

Chopping cutter

40.00 EGP

Stapler Kangaroo TP-10 Wood

150.00 EGP

Pliers tool Large Lux

40.00 EGP

Water hose pipe magic

120.00 EGP180.00 EGP

Computer lock metal high quality

20.00 EGP60.00 EGP

Stainless Scissors Deyong

8.00 EGP

Screwdriver Tool Kit

40.00 EGP

Gun Tacker Stapler

125.00 EGP

Price Labeler machine

100.00 EGP

Hand tape dispenser for large sized tapes

75.00 EGP

Retractable measure metric Rule Tape 3Metres

20.00 EGP

Magnetic ScrewDriver set

20.00 EGP

Multi-ScrewDriver Torch With Powerful Torch

30.00 EGP