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portable personal air cooler

300.00 EGP

Medical silicone seat

150.00 EGP

electric coal lighter

230.00 EGP

furniture mover and holder

115.00 EGP

electric water pump

100.00 EGP

car cup holder

60.00 EGP

Portable folding fan

225.00 EGP

Revolving rose shaped nuts plate

100.00 EGP

water bottle holder with faucet

245.00 EGP

Stainless steel clothes hanger 3 layers

350.00 EGP

nano pocket sanitizer

60.00 EGP

Smart vacuum cleaner robot

180.00 EGP

Sokany clothes steam iron

275.00 EGP

Refrigerator door lock

20.00 EGP

Summer offer insect repellent, mosquito zapper and magnet curtain

50.00 EGP100.00 EGP

Manual sewing machine

100.00 EGP

versatile table mate

265.00 EGP

modern shoes holder

250.00 EGP280.00 EGP

games and clothes jumbo box

50.00 EGP

household sewing machine

210.00 EGP

remote LED strip color lights

90.00 EGP

Cellular drawer organizer

45.00 EGP

Air sterilizer and bacteria repellent

295.00 EGP

Wireless charging Swivel Sweeper

285.00 EGP

Remote bulb kit

100.00 EGP

sleeping Medical pillow

110.00 EGP

baby Portable toilet

200.00 EGP

sewing tools kit

85.00 EGP

Travel gear

30.00 EGP

Emergency lights and special missions

115.00 EGP

reusable sticky picker upper

65.00 EGP

Electric steam diffuser

175.00 EGP

Steam clothes iron kd1037

260.00 EGP

Steam clothes iron kd1066

195.00 EGP

Prayer rug Stan

10.00 EGP

Water filter

120.00 EGP140.00 EGP

Water hose pipe magic

120.00 EGP180.00 EGP

Stainless Scissors Deyong

8.00 EGP