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Camera Lens Thermal Mug 300 ML Black

150.00 EGP
  •  Package thickness           : 6.7 centimeters
  • Package weight in KGs   : 180 grams
  • Material                             : Mixed
  • Package height                 :3.6 centimeters
  • Package Width                  : 3.6 centimeters

Coffee maker machine 3513

650.00 EGP
Coffee Maker Machine ☕️ Brand: Sonifer Model: coffee maker Sonifer sf- 3513 Warranty: Certificate of Warranty from Sonifer A catalog

Digital scale 10 k gm

50.00 EGP
digital scale 10kgms Sensitive digital kitchen scale Stone works Available color: white Package size: 23cm * 17cm Weighs up to

Eggs mixer machine DSP

365.00 EGP
Electric racket Model: dsp 250w – km2020 Use to beat eggs, cream shanti, and knead cake and cupcakes Supplied with

Electric water boiler kettle 1128 dsp

260.00 EGP
Electric water boiler kettle Brand: DSP Volume: 1 liter Strength: 1100-1300 The inner container, inner cover, spout and rim of

Heater 1 appointed 010

235.00 EGP
Flat cooker with one eye Model: CH_010A Power: 1000 watts ,  AC: 220/230 volts Frequency: 50/60 Hz The surface of

Juice blender NG-01

165.00 EGP
JUICE CUP Portable Juice Blender Model: Juice Cup NG_ 01 ▪️ Available colors: brown – green – pink ▪️ Uses:

Kettle coffee maker No. 1626

165.00 EGP
Kettle (boiler) coffee ocean easy to use and hygienic stainless steel rust-resistant and easy to wash works 4 cups of

Kettle coffee maker No. 3033

175.00 EGP
Electric kettle for coffee ☕️ Brand: Hoor Model: KR 3033 Capacity: 600 ML Two-year warranty

kitchen electronic gas igniter

35.00 EGP
  •  for handyman home use
  • no batteries , no flints
  • 30000 shots guaranteed
  • electronic spark lights
  • gas burners intantly

Kitchen Scissors 2 * 1

45.00 EGP
Multipurpose 2 in 1 kitchen tool, replace your kitchen knives and cutting board. Multifunctional kitchen scissor for cutting, slicing, chopping

Knife sharpener

280.00 EGP
“Electric Knife Sharpener” Use for all kinds of knives, cleavers and scissors. The device is equipped with 2 eyes for the tooth, and each eye has two directions for the tooth to get sharp and strong knives

LX Professional 5 Layer Herb Kitchen Scissors

35.00 EGP
LX Professional Practical 5 Layer Herb Scissors Stainless Steel Scallion Scissors Kitchen Shears Knives Vegetable Cutter Mincer Cooking Utensils 

Popcorn fryer

360.00 EGP
Home Football Popcorn Machine Model: PM-1848 You can make popcorn easily  Easy to disassemble and clean

Refillable kitchen gas lighter

17.00 EGP
  • refillable
  • child safety lock
  • ignition trigger
  • flame adjusting lever

Sector for vegetables and fruits

200.00 EGP
Sector for vegetables and fruits Number of pieces: 3 rotating stainless steel blades with different pastels Available color: Red Package

Sokany meat grinder LB7004A

500.00 EGP
Sokany meat grinder Model: Sokany Mini Wonder Chopper LB7004A Specifications: Glass Cup + Double Stainless Steel Blade Use: to easily

Stainless steel kettle electric

110.00 EGP
Electric kettle (tea kettle) ☕️ ✔️ Galale Gold, bright stainless steel, easy to clean. ✔️ Attractive Top Cover With Sealed

Stainless steel kettle electric

180.00 EGP
Kettle (tea kettle) ☕️ Alcatel stainless steel body  100% Pure Hygienic and Anti-Bacteria  Its quality is high and its luster
StarBucks Thermal Mug

StarBucks Thermal Mug

100.00 EGP
  • Material :                             Stainless Steel
  • Dishwasher proof :           yes
  • Type :                                     Thermal Mug 
  • Brand :                                   Star Bucks
  • Package thickness:           18.6 centimeters
  • Package weight in KGs:  302 grams
  • Package height:                 8.4 centimeters
  • Package Width:                 8.4 centimeters

Thermal mug lens camera shape

100.00 EGP

Thermal Mug Lux Sticky Base

195.00 EGP
Anti-slip heat sink It will protect your health and your drink will be safe Maintains drinks’ temperature for a long

Thermal Mug Stainless Steel

95.00 EGP
  • Thermal Mugs Stainless Steel
  • Type                                     :Thermal Mug
  • Material                              : Stainless Steel
  • Color                                    : Black
  • Package thickness             : 18.2 centimeters
  • Package weight in KGs    :320 grams
  • Package height                  :8.2 centimeters
  • Package Width                  : 8.2 centimeters

Thermos flask Andalusia

110.00 EGP
A thermos flask of excellent quality 1 liter, with a glass heart to keep hot drinks for as long as possible A thermos from Andalusia Tightly sealed To enjoy tea anywhere